Need Your Help

We've had quite a few new friends join our practice in the past few months and  have never stopped accepting your referrals of new patients.  But it seems like many of the college kids and a few of the snowbirds are relocating to other areas. Help us out by recommending this office to your new coworkers and neighbors.  We always appreciate your assistance in keeping our office moving forward.



It will be an interesting 2016-2017 season for the UMS Choral Union. While we have five concert events, we will only need to prepare three pieces of music.

It begins as it always does:  the 140th consecutive year of The Messiah by Handel.  December 3rd and 4th are the dates for this performance in incredible Hill Auditorium in Ann Arbor.

Hill Auditorium is also the venue for a single performance of the Beethoven Ninth Symphony by the Choral Union and the Budapest Festival Orchestra  on Friday, February 10.

Next in the season is the Beethoven Missa Solemnis, performed with the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Choral Union Music Director Scott Hanoian.  This performance is on March 11.

Rosary Cathedral is the site for another collaboration between the Choral Union and the Toledo Symphony Orchestra.   The  Beethoven Missa Solemnis will be performed and should be phenomenal.

Wrapping up the season are four performances of the Ninth Symphony with the Detroit Symphony under the direction of DSO music director



Leonard Slatkin.  This is Maestro Slatkin's final major performance with the DSO as he moves into retirement.  Slatkin's time with the DSO began with concerts involving the Choral Union and will, fittingly, finish  by directing the Choral Union. Dates are May 18-21 in Orchestra Hall in Detroit.


Marathon Classic

We will resume our practice of loaning out 10 weekly grounds passes to the event at Highland Meadows Golf Club.  Our system works like this:  Call us to reserve a day and up to two tickets.  You must pick up the tickets the day you attend and return them late that day or very early the next day so that the next person can use them.  Exchange the passes/badges either at the office during the week or at the Fudge's mailbox on the weekend.  Other patients will be using the passes in the following days and it is very important that you return them promptly so we can keep track of them.  First come, first scheduled. No cost.


Vacation Days

The Fudges will take their annual vacation up north later this summer.  During that week, Kelly or Randi will be in the office on a limited basis to take care of paperwork and answer messages.  One of Dr. Fudge's capable colleagues will be on call all week to take care of any emergencies.  If you have a problem, call the office and the staff or the answering machine will direct you.


 Back to School

If you've been putting off those kids' check-ups or your college student is home for the summer, don't wait to call to schedule.  August will be short this year with more and more schools and colleges starting earlier.  Call us soon and avoid the rush in August.



Sources of gross dental billings in 2014 were 40.5% dental insurance; 37.2% patient payments; 15.3% managed care; 6.3% government coverage; and 0.7% other.  (This means that patients paid as much of their bill as dental insurance paid.)

Of the 65 dental schools in the U.S. in 2014, 60% are public schools; 35.4% are private non-profit schools, and 4.6% are private, state-related schools.

In 2014, 47.4% of dental students were female.

In 2013, there were 60.5 dentists per 100,000 population, an increase of 4.9% since 2003.

In 2014, 10% of the U.S. population needed but did not obtain dental care in the previous 12 months due to cost.  The highest percentage was 13.5% in 2010.

In 2014-15, there were 335 accredited dental hygiene programs, an increase of 58 from 2004-5.

In 2014, the average number of patients per dentist per week (this includes hygienist visits) was 64.9.

In the US News and World Report of January 26, orthodontists were #1 and general dentists were #2 in its list of best jobs of 2016.


Cost of a Seat

It now costs slightly less than $20 to seat a patient for an appointment.  This includes the cost of plastic to cover light handles, chairs, and equipment; costs for disinfecting chemicals or wipes to treat surfaces, and the costs of an employee to accomplish the appropriate infection control tasks.


Two New Products

Oraverse, phentolamine mesylate, is a local anesthetic reversing agent.  Numbness for a typical procedure may last over two hours, but the use of Oraverse after the procedure will reduce that time to about 45 minutes.  It works by vasodilation, increasing the blood flow to the area allowing the body to more easily clear and metabolize the local anesthetic.  It is considered an extremely safe medication and was initially intended for use in children.  It is injected after the procedure into the area that is already numb.

Opalescence GO is our new GO-to whitening system.  It replaces the old system that required impressions, tray fabrication and patient-applied bleaching gel.  The hydrogen peroxide active ingredient in GO is proving to cause less sensitivity to gums and teeth than the previous systems. It consists of a single-use upper and lower tray and is used for 30 minute (10% concentration) or 15 minutes (15% concentration).  Each pack costs $6.  Results are usually noticeable in two uses.  We envision that patients will pick up one or two packs to use right after their cleaning appointment when its use is most effective.  Talk to Jamie or Beth about This product.  Remember that fillings and crowns do not change color with whitening.


Insurance Woes

Imagine hearing these statements:  “You had to have known that I had Medicaid insurance when I called to schedule my first appointment.” or “I can’t have a balance due—my dental insurance pays 100% of everything.” or "You should have known I used all my benefits for the year!"

We’ve run into these comments and attitudes in the past year.  But ultimately, your dental insurance is just that—yours!   We do an absolutely incredible job (better than most every other office) of helping guide you through the use of your dental insurance.  Our job is you help you prevent and treat dental disease, not manage your insurance benefits.  Every individual, every employer, and every dental insurance carrier has a multitude of plans and benefits which change irregularly. We are able to check your insurance if you are unsure of coverage for a specific procedure but you must ask.  Please help us help you by keeping knowledgeable about your own dental insurance.


Have a great summer!